Online view of ideas by library

Increase opening hours Opening hoursSt PaulsIdea
Increase power points ITSt PaulsIdea
Access to other council departments Services otherSt PaulsIdea
Re-purpose learning centre to accommodate library facilityChanges to buildingsSt PaulsIdea
Better well known people for eventsCultural eventsSt PaulsIdea
Acoustic music events in association with City FestivalsCultural eventsSt PaulsIdea
Story telling eventsCultural eventsSt PaulsIdea
Café Costa Stylecafe and refreshmentsSt PaulsIdea
WiFi for non library membersITSt PaulsIdea
Workzone community hubCommunity use and local groupsSt PaulsIdea
Language training for customersServices librariesSt PaulsIdea
IT training for customersITSt PaulsIdea
E tutorialsServices librariesSt PaulsIdea
Provide a café or kitchen (local resident run)cafe and refreshmentsJunction 3In Progress
Identify quiet time in library Services librariesJunction 3Idea
Make room in Junction 1 more available as a quiet roomServices librariesJunction 3In Progress
Move childrens section away from computer area and place near the caféInterior design/layoutJunction 3Idea
Flats / art gallery and meeting spaceChanges to buildingsJunction 3In Progress
Rent out bike locks for people who forget their bikesServices librariesJunction 3Idea
Create co working spacesInterior design/layoutJunction 3Idea
Create a user friendly booking system for roomsITJunction 3Idea
Encourage people to use space informally Community use and local groupsJunction 3Idea
3D Printing ITJunction 3Idea
Better zoning of computers Interior design/layoutJunction 3Idea
Consistent opening hoursOpening hoursJunction 3Idea
Develop into a community hubCommunity use and local groupsJunction 3Idea
Internet access left on 24hrsITJunction 3Idea
Extended access Opening hoursJunction 3Idea
Astronomy Services librariesJunction 3Idea
Better technology ITJunction 3Idea
Young people redesigning librariesOtherJunction 3In Progress
Lockers for phones with built in chargersServices librariesJunction 3Idea
Poetry at the library Cultural eventsJunction 3Idea
Music library Services librariesJunction 3Idea
Bluetooth printing and memory sticksITFishpondsIdea
Book clubs hosted by librariesServices librariesJunction 3Idea
Toy library Services librariesJunction 3Idea
What's on this week at the library notices inside and outside the buildingPromotionFishpondsIdea
Create a friends of group Friends groupsJunction 3Idea
Incubator for residents starting businessesServices otherJunction 3Idea
Remove display boards at the far end of the library Interior design/layoutFishpondsIdea
More community based businesses Services otherJunction 3Idea
Quiet times and quiet areas 4 -7pm on ThursdayServices librariesFishpondsIdea
Human library - sharing of skills and resourcesServices otherJunction 3Idea
Book lending service for homeless people Services librariesJunction 3Idea
CSP change desks to tablesInterior design/layoutFishpondsIn Progress
More perspex display stands for desks Interior design/layoutFishpondsIdea
Repair caféServices otherJunction 3Idea
Bluetooth printing and memory sticksITHillfieldsIdea
Customer service pointsServices otherJunction 3Idea
Improve use of software and IT ITHillfieldsIdea
Free bus travel to librariesOtherJunction 3Idea
Stockwood woodwork and allotments project could be adoptedCommunity use and local groupsHillfieldsIdea
Volunteers suppporting delivery of books to residents with accessibility needsVolunteeringJunction 3Idea
People's garden therapuetic gardening clubCommunity use and local groupsHillfieldsIdea
Restablish connections with the childrens centreServices otherHillfieldsIdea
Signpost from Hillfields Park or Forest AvenuePromotionHillfieldsIdea
Class visits from Minerva Primary SchoolServices otherHillfieldsIdea
Lego and building activitiesCommunity use and local groupsHillfieldsIdea
Tea and coffee availablecafe and refreshmentsHorfieldIdea
Greater links with community developmentCommunity use and local groupsHillfieldsIdea
Summer Holidays event weekCommunity use and local groupsHillfieldsIdea
Ease of use of computers PDFs and printingITSt GeorgeIdea
Mobile card payment systemITSt GeorgeIdea
Clean or replace the childrens rugInterior design/layoutSt GeorgeIdea
Clean or replace the carpet in the entranceInterior design/layoutSt GeorgeIdea
Carpet cleaner one per group or serviceOtherSt GeorgeIdea
Wireless printing ITSt GeorgeIdea
Improve the computers ITSt GeorgeIdea
An extra kiosk Services librariesSt GeorgeIdea
Toilet for public useToiletsCliftonIdea
New boilerChanges to buildingsCliftonIdea
Better communication with external bookings OtherCliftonIdea
Friends of FoCCal would like to support student study evenings Community use and local groupsCliftonIdea
Create more space in the childrens area - rejig of shelvingInterior design/layoutCliftonIdea
Introduce study seatingInterior design/layoutCliftonIdea
Introduce extended accessOpening hoursCliftonIdea
Automated printing payment - not through deskITCliftonIdea
Better placement of notice boards Interior design/layoutCliftonIdea
Improve the courtyard areaChanges to buildingsCliftonIdea
Create a reading or quiet room upstairsInterior design/layoutCliftonIdea
Better opening hoursOpening hoursCliftonIdea
Craft session on saturdays for childrenCommunity use and local groupsWhitchurchIdea
Dividers for children to separate fiction from non-fictionInterior design/layoutWhitchurchIn Progress
Commnity sessions e.g. stop smoking, languages, cinema day etcCommunity use and local groupsWhitchurchIdea
English lanuage resources Services librariesWhitchurchIdea
IT sessionsITWhitchurchIdea
More PCsITWhitchurchIdea
Look at firewall for childrens network as currently it prevents them from researching topicsITWhitchurchIdea
Tea morning / tea and chat to encourage social interactionCommunity use and local groupsWhitchurchIn Progress
Morning opening for class visitsOpening hoursWhitchurchIdea
Homework clubCommunity use and local groupsWhitchurchIdea
Councillors surgeries and not just on weekendsServices otherWhitchurchIdea
NHS blood testingServices otherWhitchurchIdea
Hospital visits library books and maybe a reading slot on a regular basisServices otherWhitchurchIdea
One stop shops / community hub additional servicesCommunity use and local groupsWhitchurchIdea
IT support sessions e.g. how to use a copierITWhitchurchIdea
CarpetInterior design/layoutWhitchurchIdea
More workshops for school holidaysCommunity use and local groupsWhitchurchIdea
Better software on PCsITWhitchurchIdea
Improved IT supportITWhitchurchIdea
Enable payment by card at desk and printersServices librariesBishopstonIdea
Later opening hoursOpening hoursBishopstonIdea
Homework clubBishopstonIdea
more IT support ITBishopstonIdea
Make it easier to join the libraryServices librariesBishopstonIdea
Public toilet renovated/ deep cleanedToiletsBishopstonIdea
More adult books and resources in other languagesServices librariesBishopstonIdea
Engage with local community- story time in different languagesServices librariesBishopstonIdea
More scanners (busy when Central Library closed)ITBishopstonIn Progress
Building needs a lot of maintenance - new toilets/ boiler etcChanges to buildingsCliftonIdea
Use the upstairs space more effectivelyPromotionCliftonIdea
Friends group is very active .  Better communication between them and libray staff would increase effectiveness of both partiesFriends groupsCliftonIdea
more P.C'sITCliftonIdea
Payment by cardITCliftonIdea
Renovate building totally- leaking roof, no accessible toiletChanges to buildingsRedlandIdea
enable card paymentsITRedlandIdea
Social services / mental health supportServices otherRedlandIdea
Better security outside the building- fly tipping and drug users in entrances and car parkOtherRedlandIdea
Poster warning against staff abuse and better support from policeOtherRedlandIdea
more foreign language childrens booksServices librariesRedlandIdea
better use of space eg bigger childrens areaInterior design/layoutRedlandIdea
More PCsITRedlandIdea
coding / minecraft clubCommunity use and local groupsRedlandIdea
More knitter natters Community use and local groupsStockwoodIdea
Armchair yogaCommunity use and local groupsStockwoodIdea
Vending machine cafe and refreshmentsStockwoodIdea
Practice equipment for borrowbox and ebooksServices librariesStockwoodIdea
IT sessionsITStockwoodIn Progress
Colour photo copierITStockwoodIdea
More involvement with sheltered accommodationServices otherStockwoodIdea
More relevant staff trainingOtherStockwoodIdea
Shelf dividers for childrens non fictionInterior design/layoutStockwoodIdea
Promote computer access on weekdays Services librariesStockwoodIdea
Promote ancestary supportServices librariesStockwoodIn Progress
Promote the library as a facility room for community groups Community use and local groupsStockwoodIn Progress
Promotion of and extended access PromotionStockwoodIdea
Blood testing in the spare room Services otherStockwoodIdea
Minibus pick up and drop offOtherStockwoodIdea
Bake and tellCommunity use and local groupsStockwoodIdea
Elderly stretch offCommunity use and local groupsStockwoodIdea
IPad lessonsServices librariesStockwoodIdea
Wireless handheld scanner ITStockwoodIdea
More workshops for school holidaysCommunity use and local groupsStockwoodIdea
Working more with southern links Services otherStockwoodIdea
Group linking young adults with elderly to support ITITStockwoodIdea
English language supportServices librariesStockwoodIdea
Help with job applicationsServices librariesStockwoodIdea
Improve IT hardwareITStockwoodIdea
Alcohol gambling and drugs supportServices otherStockwoodIdea
Workshops for young peopleCommunity use and local groupsHartcliffeIdea
Tackle the issues with the corridorInterior design/layoutHartcliffeIdea
Extend the opening hoursOpening hoursHartcliffeIdea
More space / division between the adult and childrens areaInterior design/layoutHartcliffeIdea
Clear view of childrens areaInterior design/layoutHartcliffeIdea
Weekend support for domestic abuse and homelessnessServices otherHartcliffeIdea
Improve IT hardwareITHartcliffeIdea
How to resolve the issues with youth in the areaOtherHartcliffeIdea
Wireless printing ITHartcliffeIdea
Children's nutrition - get the children fedServices otherHartcliffeIn Progress
More staff and material for children and young peopleServices librariesHartcliffeIdea
Police surgeryServices otherHartcliffeIdea
More relevant staff trainingOtherHartcliffeIn Progress
Need to be kept up to date with support groups in Symes HouseCommunity use and local groupsHartcliffeIn Progress
Games workshop drop in PS4 XBoxCommunity use and local groupsHartcliffeIdea
Working with children's centreServices otherHartcliffeIn Progress
Talk to MPs about social problemsOtherHartcliffeIdea
More activities in the community during the summerCommunity use and local groupsHartcliffeIn Progress
More special events Cultural eventsHartcliffeIn Progress
More Tea and ChatCommunity use and local groupsHartcliffeIn Progress
Links with youth provision and schoolsServices otherHartcliffeIn Progress
Links with local community centreCommunity use and local groupsHartcliffeIdea
Youth worker contacts so staff can ring themServices librariesHartcliffeIdea
Improve the physical visability of the library Interior design/layoutHartcliffeIdea
Support session for young peopleServices otherBedminsterIdea
Support session for young peopleServices otherBishopsworthIdea
Breakfast and or lunch clubsCommunity use and local groupsBedminsterIdea
Breakfast and or lunch clubsServices otherBishopsworthIn Progress
IT VolunteerVolunteeringBedminsterIn Progress
IT VolunteerVolunteeringBishopsworthIdea
Something for people out of work that's more accepting than a jobs clubServices otherBedminsterIdea
Something for people out of work that's more accepting than a jobs clubServices otherBishopsworthIdea
Closer working with mental health teams Services otherBedminsterIdea
Closer working with mental health teams Services otherBishopsworthIdea
Drop in session for homeless with support from St MungosServices otherBedminsterIdea
Drop in session for homeless with support from St MungosServices otherBishopsworthIdea
Create more clubs for all agesCommunity use and local groupsBedminsterIdea
Create more clubs for all agesCommunity use and local groupsBishopsworthIdea
Available public toilets ToiletsCity WideIdea
Social workers to work in librariesServices otherCity WideIdea
Food banks in summer holidays Services otherCity WideIdea
Study space with support from local collegesServices otherCity WideIdea
Longer opening hoursOpening hoursCity WideIdea
Help with using ITITCity WideIdea
Homeless film clubsCultural eventsCity WideIdea
Open earlier rather than lunchtimesOpening hoursCity WideIdea
More groups for older peopleCommunity use and local groupsCity WideIdea
Access to computersITCity WideIdea
Facilities close to where they liveOtherCity WideIdea
Health checks in librariesServices otherCity WideIdea
More activities for people with low literacy Services librariesCity WideIdea
Access to help with printersITCity WideIdea
Programmes and activities to tackle isolationServices librariesCity WideIdea
Events held in branch librariesCultural eventsCity WideIdea
Sitting room eveningsCommunity use and local groupsCity WideIdea
Public space for the community to see eachother Community use and local groupsCity WideIdea
Access to community helpCommunity use and local groupsCity WideIdea
Sublet small areas in libraries to be caféscafe and refreshmentsCity WideIdea
Use the libraries as a functional space to host eventsCultural eventsCity WideIdea
Open evenings to showcase local community activitiesCommunity use and local groupsCity WideIdea
Create and promote the library as a co-working spaceInterior design/layoutRedlandIdea
Create a separate mezzanine level to increase space for co-working with police or universitiesServices otherRedlandIdea
Greatly improve the layout, remove partitions and have the desk at the frontInterior design/layoutFishpondsIn Progress
Fund collection points for donations to food banks etcServices otherFishpondsIdea
Advertise on the Greater Fishponds Facebook page and Fishponds Voice to increase take upOtherFishpondsIdea
Create free co working spacesServices librariesCity WideIdea
Boost budget with coffee machines in areas set up for coworkingcafe and refreshmentsCity WideIdea
Add in good value meeting spaces available to hire - bookable onlineServices librariesCity WideIdea
Offer later and earlier opening times Opening hoursCity WideIdea
Coworking spaces for freelance workers - collect reasonable fees for using the spaceServices librariesCity WideIdea
Creative writing classCultural eventsCentralIdea
Creative writing classCultural eventsWestburyIdea
Creative writing classCommunity use and local groupsRedlandIdea
Creative writing classCultural eventsHenleazeIn Progress
Small café area, nutritional therapist to set up a health café or juice bar cafe and refreshmentsCliftonIdea
Introduce post offices in librariesServices otherCity WideIdea
Volunteers to help with readingVolunteeringCity WideIdea
Volunteers to help with english language learningVolunteeringCity WideIdea
Published author offer of reading from a book and leading a discussion on one of the themesCultural eventsCity WideIdea
Writers in residence program where a writer spends a month at a library to help with their own writing programsCultural eventsCity WideIdea
Emails to library card holders to publicise events PromotionCity WideIdea
Book clubs in librariesServices librariesCity WideIdea
Open days Community use and local groupsHillfieldsIdea
Use the library for meetings and functionsCommunity use and local groupsFishpondsIdea
A snack bar and café would be nicecafe and refreshmentsFishpondsIdea
STEM cubs in libraries, run by library staff and voluteers using online resourcesServices librariesCity WideIdea
Out of hours return box to allow me to return booksServices librariesBishopstonIdea
Greater collaboration with schools encouraging all local schools to use the library Services otherCity WideIdea
Each library holds a space for a police officer and police contact point with members of the community Services otherCity WideIdea
Space in the library for use by community groups e.g. Jacob Wells Community HubCommunity use and local groupsCentralIdea
Pop up seasonal post office to cope with demand at ChristmasServices otherHenleazeIdea
A group combining an older people's social group a reminiscence group and a creative writing groupServices librariesWick RoadIdea
Improvements to the web site, more engaging with images and promotion of events and servicesITCity WideIdea
Host events, talkers and trainers relevant to the local community e.g. training to get jobs Services otherCity WideIdea
Add more workspace in libraries for students more tables and chairs Interior design/layoutCity WideIdea
Rebrand as Clifton Amenity centrePromotionCliftonIdea
Ask local community and entrepreneurs how they could take advantage of a shared Cost venue in the most vibrant part of townOtherCliftonIdea
Use libraries as concert and performance venues in the evenings Cultural eventsCity WideIdea
Organise a magazine swap Services librariesHenleazein progress
Open in the evenings with talks from local authors and audio producers Cultural eventsCity WideIdea
Match library hours with building hours Opening hoursHartcliffeIdea
Create a coding clubCommunity use and local groupsHartcliffeIdea
Laptop work stationsITHartcliffeIdea
New computersITIn Progress
Change image and change namePromotionHartcliffeIdea
Computers you don’t need to bookITHartcliffeIn Progress
Online delivery to other local sitesServices librariesHartcliffeIdea
Community budget for books Community use and local groupsHartcliffeIdea
Homeless people need someone other than our staff to go to for helpServices otherCentralIdea
Enable wireless printingITCentralIdea
Put on a memory cafe for people with dementiaServices otherCentralIdea
More help with IT- training for staff and the publicITCentralIdea
Install a public water cooler for people to get fresh watercafe and refreshmentsCentralIdea
More comfy seat areasInterior design/layoutCentralIdea
Have more quiet study spaceChanges to buildingsCentralIdea
Have a communal study space where people can discuss ideasInterior design/layoutCentralIdea
Offer silver surfer sessionsServices librariesCentralIdea
Drop-in book discussionServices librariesCentralIdea
Offer community groups space at a reasonable priceCommunity use and local groupsCentralIdea
Offer family history help/ advice sessionsServices librariesCentralIdea
Promote special collectionsServices librariesCentralIn Progress
Digitise old documents to allow people to access (maybe online?)ITCentralIdea
Enable people to book a library computer online ITCentralIdea
More scannersITCentralIdea
Robust computers with up-to-date softwareITCentralIdea
Be more proactive with local colleges and universties about what libraries can offerPromotionCentralIdea
Offer library resources tuitionServices librariesCentralIdea
Carry more specialist textbooks Services librariesCentralidea
More talks with authors and/or craft demos in a better space (not in the foyer)Cultural eventsCentralIdea
3D Printers ITCentralIdea
Have a PCSO based in the libraryServices otherCentralIdea
Have somewhere to eat own foodcafe and refreshmentsCentralIdea
Game clubCommunity use and local groupsCentralIdea
USB printersITCentralIdea
More tables for laptop use in children's libraryInterior design/layoutCentralIdea
Social worker drop in sessionsServices otherCentralIdea
More IT support help for staff and visitorsITFilwoodIdea
Regular IT courses to cover the basicsServices librariesFilwoodIdea
Updated PCsITFilwoodIdea
New lamintator that does up to A3ITFilwoodIdea
WiFi / USB printingITFilwoodIdea
Replace windows that have been damaged by graffitti removalChanges to buildingsFilwoodIdea
Extended opening hoursOpening hoursFilwoodIdea
Better heating controlsChanges to buildingsFilwoodIdea
Move into the community centreChanges to buildingsFilwoodIdea
Have a cafecafe and refreshmentsFilwoodIdea
Use the mezzanine floor for other things (not accessible so only used rarely)Changes to buildingsFilwoodIdea
Offer After school clubsCommunity use and local groupsFilwoodIdea
More marketing of the services and resources we offer out in the wider communityPromotionFilwoodIdea
CSP presence like at Temple stServices otherFilwoodIdea
Have something else other than bars at the windows or paint the bars rainbow coloursChanges to buildingsFilwoodIdea
Accessible toilets for public useToiletsFilwoodIdea
More charging points for phones and laptopsITFilwoodIdea
Close all regional libraries and have a library bus that goes to one, purpose built building in the centreChanges to buildingsFilwoodIdea
move library to bottom floor or have better signage in the shopping centre and lift areasChanges to buildingsKnowleIdea
Move the library or renegotiate the lease as building is being redevelopedChanges to buildingsKnowleIdea
Redecorate new furniture and flooringInterior design/layoutKnowleIdea
More scannersITKnowleIdea
Need more community support to help people with IT issuesVolunteeringKnowleIdea
Train staff on IT so they can help and advise moreITKnowleIdea
Have wireless printingITKnowleIdea
Get rid of the desk and give staff tablets to enable them to scan and book thingsITKnowleIdea
Coffee machine- self servecafe and refreshmentsKnowleIdea
Creative writing for community groupsCommunity use and local groupsKnowleIdea
Poetry slamCultural eventsKnowleIdea
more books and resources for studentsServices librariesKnowleIdea
We think there's something on Amazon that we can use- maybe Amazon enterprise?ITKnowleIdea
More GCSE/ A level study booksServices librariesKnowleIdea
Zoning- advertise when the library is likely to be quiet or have study areasInterior design/layoutKnowleIdea
Run more author events that are better advertised (not just in library)Cultural eventsKnowleIn Progress
Staff to manage stock work via mobile deviceITKnowleIdea
Do rhyme time out in the precinctCultural eventsKnowleIdea
Streamline the process to join the libraryServices librariesKnowleIdea
Communicate our other services more- eg access to UWE?PromotionKnowleIdea
Communicate better about digital resources PromotionKnowleIn Progress
Tell people about being able to copy and paste from amazon to order resources to borrow for freeOtherKnowleIdea
Better IT supportITWick RoadIdea
DVD stock behind the deskServices librariesWick RoadIdea
More charging points for laptopsITWick RoadIdea
Wireless printingITWick RoadIdea
More self service machinesITWick RoadIdea
Better internet speed ITWick RoadIdea
Make better use of the space. It's a tiny building but could probably use different furnitureInterior design/layoutWick RoadIdea
Longer opening hoursOpening hoursWick RoadIdea
Move to a larger buildingChanges to buildingsWick RoadIdea
Public looToiletsWick RoadIdea
larger childrens area or enable more flexible spaceInterior design/layoutWick RoadIdea
Have an information and signposting folder at each library- signposts to local servicesServices librariesWick RoadIdea
Continuity of staffOtherWick RoadIdea
An extension into the gardenChanges to buildingsWick RoadIdea
Lock on the gate to the gardenInterior design/layoutWick RoadIdea
Organise community litter picking in garden and round the libraryCommunity use and local groupsWick RoadIdea
Use the garden space differentlyInterior design/layoutWick RoadIdea
Make more use of the reservation hubOtherWick RoadIdea
Need a public meeting roomInterior design/layoutWick RoadIdea
Twitter account for each library Services librariesCentralIdea
Every library has £500 to make the place look more attractiveOtherCity WideIdea
Paint railingsChanges to buildingsFilwoodIdea
Would make a good club spaceCommunity use and local groupsFilwoodIdea
Young fathers groupCommunity use and local groupsFilwoodIdea
Accessible toilets for public useToiletsFilwoodIdea
Sprint bus could do library stopOtherFilwoodIdea
Community Education need quick access for providing coursesServices otherFilwoodIdea
Saturday cinema or eveningCultural eventsFilwoodIdea
Open up to other groups on closed daysOpening hoursFilwoodIdea
Pop up cafécafe and refreshmentsFilwoodIdea
Home work clubServices librariesFilwoodIdea
Could a school take on the lease to allow fund raisingServices otherFilwoodIdea
Library bus go to peopleOtherFilwoodIdea
Building could be used for other purposes such as a nursery or youth clubCommunity use and local groupsFilwoodIdea
Need some community leadership to try and push things forwardCommunity use and local groupsFilwoodIdea
Promote large print CDsServices librariesKnowleIdea
Small music groups Community use and local groupsKnowleIdea
Better promotion of friends of groupFriends groupsKnowleIn Progress
Journal and magazine hireServices librariesKnowleIdea
Make the space more flexible with the use of screensInterior design/layoutKnowleIdea
Mobile service with volunteers to deliver books VolunteeringKnowleIdea
Board on wall for to-do and post its - what do you want to happenOtherKnowleIdea
Make available for out of hours usageCommunity use and local groupsKnowleIn Progress
Park Centre redevelopment - how can it support educational attainment?OtherKnowleIdea
Links with school librariesServices otherKnowleIdea
Better signage of the library PromotionKnowleIn Progress
Medium sized meeting roomInterior design/layoutStockwoodIdea
Café next door to the buildingcafe and refreshmentsStockwoodIdea
One stop advice shopServices otherStockwoodIdea
Make the library dementia friendly Services librariesStockwoodIdea
Put computer firewalls on the systemITStockwoodIn Progress
Make libraries more IT friendly ITStockwoodIdea
Phone and printer facilities ITStockwoodIdea
Charging facilitiesITStockwoodIdea
Official drinks making facility cafe and refreshmentsStockwoodIdea
Children friendly resources Services librariesStockwoodIn Progress
Visual history of stockwoodCommunity use and local groupsStockwoodIdea
Expand extended access to SundayOpening hoursStockwoodDone
Outreach to the childrens centreServices otherWick RoadIdea
Outreach to the scouts groupServices otherWick RoadIdea
Hub for commnunicationCommunity use and local groupsWick RoadIdea
11+ youth activitiesServices librariesWick RoadIdea
Council service information point - how to do certain thingsServices otherWick RoadIdea
Wick road library information centreServices librariesWick RoadIdea
Library officers trained to provide adviceServices librariesWick RoadIdea
External community notice boardCommunity use and local groupsWick RoadIdea
Geneaology clubCommunity use and local groupsWick RoadIdea
Link with local schools Services otherWick RoadIdea
Outreach for drop off and pick up (from school?)Services otherWick RoadIdea
Community hub especially as new developments are plannedCommunity use and local groupsWick RoadIdea
Pilates if place was restructuredCommunity use and local groupsWick RoadIdea
Memory café cafe and refreshmentsWick RoadIdea
History of local areaServices librariesWick RoadIdea
Use of space outside opening hoursOpening hoursWick RoadIdea
Make path to entrance more inviting (mosaics)Changes to buildingsMarksbury RoadIdea
Footprints in tarmac leading up to the doorChanges to buildingsMarksbury RoadIdea
Replace library sign with vibrant signageInterior design/layoutMarksbury RoadIn Progress
Link in with art trail and winter wonderlandCultural eventsMarksbury RoadIdea
Community day, bring a dish, summer fayreCommunity use and local groupsMarksbury RoadIdea
Remove barrier of public liability insurance requirements for community groupsOtherMarksbury RoadIdea
Work with lynn or Kate on community promotion Community use and local groupsMarksbury RoadIn Progress
Parking / parking signageChanges to buildingsMarksbury RoadIdea
Movie nightsCultural eventsMarksbury RoadIdea
Play equipment on green space through CIL fundingChanges to buildingsMarksbury RoadIn Progress
Improved gate and security so young people don't run into roadChanges to buildingsMarksbury RoadIdea
Open communication between community groups and librariesCommunity use and local groupsMarksbury RoadIdea
Community café for parents and toddlerscafe and refreshmentsMarksbury RoadIdea
Toilet that can be used by the publicToiletsMarksbury RoadIdea
Better promotion and marketingPromotionMarksbury RoadIdea
Health visitors attending library regularly - link to café hoursServices otherMarksbury RoadIdea
Better welcome host training for staffOtherMarksbury RoadIdea
Train staff in asset based community developmentServices librariesMarksbury RoadIdea
Extended access Opening hoursMarksbury RoadIdea
Tech and talk Services librariesBedminsterIdea
Better social mediaPromotionBedminsterIn Progress
Better signagePromotionBedminsterIn Progress
School trips to the libraryServices otherBedminsterIdea
Toddler and grand parent reading groupServices librariesBedminsterIdea
Creating community books Cultural eventsBedminsterIdea
Navigator role enabled in librariesServices librariesBedminsterIdea
Working with groupsCommunity use and local groupsBedminsterIdea
Friends of Bedmister libraryFriends groupsBedminsterIdea
Weekend eventsOpening hoursBedminsterIdea
More inviting entranceChanges to buildingsBedminsterIdea
Exhibitions to showcase local artCultural eventsBedminsterIn Progress
Artisan fairCultural eventsBedminsterIdea
Local charity talksCommunity use and local groupsBedminsterIdea
Connection with scout groupsCommunity use and local groupsBedminsterIdea
Newcomers groupServices librariesBedminsterIdea
More sockets for laptopsITBedminsterIdea
Movie nightsCultural eventsBedminsterIdea
Cafécafe and refreshmentsBedminsterIn Progress
Signage for Junction 3 - people don’t know where it isPromotionJunction 3Idea
Quiet space for reading Interior design/layoutJunction 3Idea
Move to the hub / colocated with nurseryServices otherHillfieldsIdea
Wifi overall is not good enoughITCity WideIdea
Not enough books in other languagesServices librariesCity WideIdea
Rental or space when not openCommunity use and local groupsFishpondsIdea
Need more space for more groupsChanges to buildingsFishpondsIdea
Café (or just offer tea or coffee)cafe and refreshmentsFishpondsIdea
Extend opening hoursOpening hoursFishpondsIdea
ESOL, advice, CAB, job centre Services otherFishpondsIdea
Young people home work clubsServices librariesFishpondsIdea
Rename library 'fishponds plus'PromotionFishpondsIdea
Mobile libraryServices librariesFishpondsIdea
Upgrade computers ITFishpondsIdea
Rent out laptops, tablets etcITFishpondsIdea
Not a great location surrounded by house so no-one knows it is there Changes to buildingsHillfieldsIdea
Could be a good place for community groups Community use and local groupsHillfieldsIdea
Extend opening hoursOpening hoursHillfieldsIdea
A place to store community resourcesCommunity use and local groupsHillfieldsIdea
Toilet really importantToiletsFishpondsIdea
Hold a meeting in the local library itself OtherFishpondsIdea
Card games and board games for young people Services librariesFishpondsIdea
People's university of fishponds could move into fishponds library Community use and local groupsFishpondsIdea
Allow the library to be used outside hoursOpening hoursFishpondsIdea
Provide a BCC housing advisorServices otherHartcliffeIdea
Direct phone line to BCCServices otherHartcliffeIdea
Pay pointServices otherHartcliffeIdea
Have a conversation with ASDA on long term plans for the siteChanges to buildingsWhitchurchIdea
Pop up shops Community use and local groupsWhitchurchIdea
Apple pressing daysCommunity use and local groupsWhitchurchIdea
Multiuse bookit - and move books outsideInterior design/layoutWhitchurchIdea
Provide a post office in the library Services otherWhitchurchIdea
Make more of the central green spaceChanges to buildingsWhitchurchIdea
Use the space outside opening hoursOpening hoursWhitchurchIdea
short term flexible meeting spaceInterior design/layoutWhitchurchIdea
Board games group in the libraryCommunity use and local groupsWhitchurchIn Progress
CraftsCommunity use and local groupsWhitchurchIdea
Knit and natterCommunity use and local groupsWhitchurchIdea
Provide an accessible toiletToiletsWhitchurchIdea
reading circleCommunity use and local groupsWhitchurchIdea
Replace bus stopOtherWhitchurchIdea
signpost the library from ASDAPromotionWhitchurchIdea
Display showing what's on in local clubsPromotionWhitchurchIdea
Primary school should use the library moreServices otherWhitchurchIdea
Police desk in the libraryServices otherWhitchurchIdea
Vending machine cafe and refreshmentsWhitchurchIdea
Computer sessionsITWhitchurchIdea
Open until 6pm to coincide with GP surgeryOpening hoursWhitchurchIdea
Coworking space and hot deskingInterior design/layoutWhitchurchIdea
Local history and geneology clubCommunity use and local groupsWhitchurchIdea
Drama groupCultural eventsWhitchurchIdea
Up to date information removing out of date postersOtherBishopsworthIn Progress
Find out what people use PCs for ITBishopsworthIdea
Big gap on ICT and skillsITBishopsworthIdea
Allow people and artists to charge for activities and eventsCultural eventsBishopsworthIdea
More best sellers and fast backs Services librariesBishopsworthIdea
Planning consultations based at the library - not just onlineServices otherBishopsworthIdea
Consistent opening timeOpening hoursBishopsworthIdea
Information about local groups & events Community use and local groupsBishopsworthIdea
Marketing website that shows what's on per library with Twitter feed etc that staff can update easilyPromotionHenleazeIdea
Top managers understand the impact of decisions by coming to experience time in libraryOtherHenleazeIdea
Better and faster technology with ongoing updates and maintenanceITHenleazeIdea
Realistic expectations of what libraries can deliver OtherHenleazeIdea
Realistic resourcing of volunteer roles (to manage it from staff point of view)VolunteeringHenleazeIdea
Extend the building or extend something like a gazebo into the car parkChanges to buildingsHenleazeIdea
Attract sponsorship from local businessesOtherHenleazeIdea
Have more old films to borrowServices librariesHenleazeIdea
Better and more self serve kiosksServices librariesHenleazeIdea
enable contactless paymentITHenleazeIn Progress
Longer extended accessOpening hoursHenleazeIdea
More integration with schools, unis and local businessesServices otherHenleazeIdea
Have a public toilet near the libraryOtherHenleazeIdea
Library connections to local news lettersServices otherHenleazeIdea
more regular hours accross the serviceOpening hoursHenleazeIdea
Links to age UKServices otherHenleazeIdea
Links with Fallodan way doctors surgeryServices otherHenleazeIdea
Have study areasInterior design/layoutHenleazeIn Progress
A more robust Library management system (or form a network with other libraries to ask for updates)ITHenleazeIdea
Have library apprenticeshipsOtherHenleazeIdea
Wireless printingITHenleazeIdea
more scannersITHenleazeIdea
provide volunteer help with IT and self service kiosksVolunteeringHenleazeIdea
Basic computer coursesServices librariesHenleazeIn Progress
Use TV screen to market whats going onPromotionHenleazeIdea
More charging pointsITHenleazeIdea
Better promotion of library eventsPromotionHenleazeIn Progress
Tablets for staff to manage library servicesITHenleazeIdea
Advertise availability of computers more widelyPromotionHenleazeIdea
Provide charging point for laptops and mobilesITHenleazeDone
Periodicals/ magazines to borrowServices librariesHenleazeIdea
Wifi printing ITHenleazeIn Progress
sell stationeryServices librariesHenleazeIdea
have more computer games to borrowServices librariesHenleazeIdea
Local transport informationServices librariesHenleazeIdea
Security camerasOtherHenleazeIdea
Homework clubServices librariesHenleazeIdea
Drinks machine / cafécafe and refreshmentsHenleazeIdea
Availability of drinks - supported by friends groupscafe and refreshmentsHenleazeIdea
Better lightingChanges to buildingsHenleazeIdea
more reading volunteer challengesVolunteeringHenleazeIdea
Extended opening on public holidays (staff with volunteers or local welfare organisations)Opening hoursHenleazeIdea
Provide extended accessOpening hoursHenleazeIdea
private space for meetingsInterior design/layoutHenleazeIn Progress
Room hireCommunity use and local groupsHenleazeDone
space dividers to reduce noise of certain groupsInterior design/layoutHenleazeIdea
Develop the space for community groupsCommunity use and local groupsHenleazeIdea
Meeting room for businessesChanges to buildingsHenleazeIdea
Low cost neutral meeting space needed by community Community use and local groupsHenleazeIdea
An anwer phone that gives details of opening times etcServices librariesHenleazeIdea
How do we extend the building?Changes to buildingsHenleazeIdea
poetry eveningsCultural eventsHenleazeIdea
Open / create room at the from of the buildingChanges to buildingsHenleazeIdea
local art/ history displaysCultural eventsHenleazeIn Progress
Develop into a community hub linked to health and GP servicesCommunity use and local groupsHenleazeIdea
Talks by local enterprisesCultural eventsHenleazeIdea
board games etcServices librariesHenleazeIdea
Make the opening and closing of the building easierCommunity use and local groupsHenleazeIdea
Knitting and crochet groupCommunity use and local groupsHenleazeIdea
Better engagement with friends groupsFriends groupsHenleazeIn Progress
Local neighbourhood source of informationServices librariesHenleazeIdea
Provide heating in the meeting room Changes to buildingsHenleazeIn Progress
Local displays (art for example)Cultural eventsHenleazeIdea
How do we finance changes?OtherHenleazeIdea
Provide chairs and other equipment Services librariesHenleazeIn Progress
Shipping containers for storage or extra room Changes to buildingsHenleazeIn Progress
Craft groupsCommunity use and local groupsHenleazeIdea
Benchmark how other libraries work nationwideOtherHenleazeIdea
Better stock levels of best sellersServices librariesHenleazeIdea
Build a new library with residential units to finance it Changes to buildingsHenleazeIdea
Coffee mornings tea and cakeCommunity use and local groupsHenleazeIdea
Reintroduce charges to reserve booksServices librariesHenleazeIdea
Sell off old stockServices librariesHenleazeIdea
Homework clubServices librariesWestburyIdea
Electric vehicle charging points in the car parkChanges to buildingsHenleazeIdea
VCS orgs to offer activities in holidaysServices otherHenleazeIdea
Drinks machine/ cafe/ toiletcafe and refreshmentsWestburyIdea
Solar roof panels Changes to buildingsHenleazeIdea
Co location of local businesses / artists / repair caféServices otherHenleazeIdea
Tea and coffee availablecafe and refreshmentsWestburyIdea
Better lightingInterior design/layoutWestburyIdea
Provide access to toilets during eventsToiletsHenleazeIdea
Get examples for sea mills cafécafe and refreshmentsWestburyIdea
more reading volunteer challenge volunteersServices librariesWestburyIdea
Accessible toiletsToiletsHenleazeIdea
Extended opening on public holidays (staff with volunteers or local welfare organisations)Opening hoursWestburyIdea
private space for meetingsInterior design/layoutWestburyIdea
room hireCommunity use and local groupsWestburyIdea
space dividers to reduce noise of certain groupsInterior design/layoutWestburyIdea
An anwer phone that gives details of opening times etcPromotionWestburyIn Progress
poetry eveningsCultural eventsWestburyIdea
local art/ history displaysCultural eventsWestburyIdea
board games etcServices librariesWestburyIdea
Better engagement with friends groupsFriends groupsWestburyIn Progress
Benchmark how other libraries work nationwideOtherWestburyIn Progress
Extend the building or extend something like a gazebo into the car parkChanges to buildingsWestburyIdea
Could the library be based in a different building?Changes to buildingsWestburyIdea
Attract sponsorship from local businessesOtherWestburyIdea
Have more old films to borrowServices librariesWestburyIdea
Better and more self serve kiosksITWestburyIn Progress
enable contactless paymentITWestburyin progress
Longer extended accessOpening hoursWestburyIdea
More integration with schools, universities and local businessServices otherWestburyIdea
Police have a regular surgery in the library Services otherWestburyIdea
Have a public toilet near the libraryToiletsWestburyIdea
more regular hours accross the serviceOpening hoursWestburyIdea
Extend opening hoursOpening hoursWestburyIdea
Have study areasInterior design/layoutWestburyIdea
A more robust Library management system (or form a network with other libraries to ask for updates)ITWestburyIdea
Provide space for local businessesInterior design/layoutWestburyIdea
Have library apprenticeshipsOtherWestburyIdea
Research and homework clubsCommunity use and local groupsWestburyIdea
Wireless printingITWestburyIdea
PGCE students gaining experience to start a homework clubCommunity use and local groupsWestburyIdea
more scannersITWestburyIdea
provide volunteer help with IT and self service kiosksVolunteeringWestburyIn Progress
Basic computer coursesServices librariesWestburyIn Progress
Training for volunteers doing things in the library VolunteeringWestburyIn Progress
Use TV screen to market whats going onPromotionWestburyIdea
More charging pointsITWestburyIdea
Tablets for staff to manage library servicesITWestburyIdea
Periodicals/ magazines to borrowServices librariesWestburyIn Progress
sell stationeryOtherWestburyIdea
have more computer games to borrowServices librariesWestburyIdea
Local transport informationServices librariesWestburyIdea
Marketing website that shows what's on per library with Twitter feed etc that staff can update easilyPromotionWestburyIn Progress
Email reminders when books are due Services librariesWestburyIdea
Top managers understand the impact of decisions by coming to experience time in libraryOtherWestburyIdea
Better publicity of what goes on and is available through the libraryPromotionWestburyin progress
Better and faster technology with ongoing updates and maintenanceITWestburyin progress
Publicise libraries west PromotionWestburyIdea
Realistic expectations of what libraries can deliver OtherWestburyIdea
Notice boards in the entrancePromotionWestburyIn Progress
Wider turning circle rampChanges to buildingsHorfieldIdea
Would like to see teenagers in the library OtherWestburyIdea
Public toiletsToiletsHorfieldIdea
Other activities that people could joinOtherWestburyIdea
Improve entranceChanges to buildingsHorfieldIdea
Disabled access to the toiletToiletsHorfieldIdea
Edible gardenChanges to buildingsWestburyIn Progress
Availability outside working hoursOpening hoursHorfieldIdea
Compostable earth toilet in the gardenToiletsHorfieldIdea
Regular coffee morningsCommunity use and local groupsHorfieldIn Progress
Special opening hours - local key holderOpening hoursHorfieldIdea
Seating area outsideChanges to buildingsHorfieldIdea
Saturday morning clubCommunity use and local groupsHorfieldIdea
Extend opening times Opening hoursHorfieldIdea
Change access doorsChanges to buildingsHorfieldIdea
Charge small fees to cover rentOtherHorfieldIdea
Stay as a library for most of the weekServices librariesHorfieldIdea
Scouts book badgeServices otherHorfieldIdea
Increase work zone attendanceServices otherHorfieldIdea
Lend out laptops and tabletsITHorfieldIdea
Library stuff in different settingsServices librariesHorfieldIdea
Study spaceCommunity use and local groupsHorfieldIdea
Wifi printingITHorfieldIdea
Possibly reduce stock to create more spaceInterior design/layoutHorfieldIdea
IT support for users ITHorfieldIdea
How do we know who is using the library - demographicsOtherHorfieldIdea
New sofaInterior design/layoutHorfieldIdea
Computer support training for groups not using alreadyITHorfieldIdea
Base council workers at librariesServices otherHorfieldIdea
New carpetInterior design/layoutHorfieldIn Progress
Link to Ebenezer ChurchServices otherHorfieldIdea
Blinds for windowInterior design/layoutHorfieldIn Progress
Collaboration with Shahporan Islamic CentreServices otherHorfieldIdea
Build a mezzanine for computer useChanges to buildingsHorfieldIdea
Links with Manor Farm community centreServices otherHorfieldIdea
Open up enclosed garden for childrenChanges to buildingsHorfieldIdea
Link to Duke of EdinburghServices otherHorfieldIdea
Space for teenagers Services otherHorfieldIdea
Fix the heatingChanges to buildingsHorfieldIn Progress
Horfield and Lockleaze libraries working togetherServices librariesHorfieldIdea
Space for kids and familyServices otherHorfieldIdea
Notice boardsPromotionHorfieldIdea
Advertise activities so people know what is on offerPromotionHorfieldIdea
Younger generation and family activitiesServices otherHorfieldIdea
Extend opening hours by 30 minutes in the afternoonOpening hoursLockleazeIdea
Environment would need to change to attract young peopleInterior design/layoutHorfieldIdea
Billboard and big sign in space outside the library PromotionHorfieldIdea
English lessonsServices otherHorfieldIdea
Later opening hours to access after schoolOpening hoursLockleazeIdea
Provide help with job seeking and writing CVsServices otherLockleazeIdea
Co-locate community hub with library Community use and local groupsHorfieldIdea
Signposting to other activitiesPromotionHorfieldIdea
Peer learningServices otherHorfieldIdea
Storytime and babybounce sessionServices librariesLockleazeIdea
Conversation with South GloucestershireServices otherLockleazeIdea
School link visitsServices otherHorfieldIdea
Book swaps Services librariesHorfieldIdea
Arts and culture events (film, music, comedy, open mic)Cultural eventsLockleazeIdea
Colour printerITLockleazeIdea
Visitor centre for stoke parkOtherLockleazeIdea
Intergenerational learning Services librariesHorfieldIdea
Create a friends of groupFriends groupsLockleazeIn Progress
Link library and development regeneration teamsServices otherLockleazeIdea
Rotate stock so new titles on shelvesServices librariesLockleazeIn Progress
Home education groupsCommunity use and local groupsHorfieldIdea
Negotiate hall space with HubChanges to buildingsLockleazeIdea
Future Cameron / Police Station to include libraryServices otherLockleazeIdea
Reading schemesServices librariesLockleazeIn Progress
Tea coffee chatcafe and refreshmentsAvonmouthIdea
Part time school?Community use and local groupsHorfieldIdea
Change locationChanges to buildingsLockleazeIdea
Advertise existing servicesPromotionLockleazeIn Progress
Welly boot exchange Services librariesLockleazeIdea
Comfy chairs tablesInterior design/layoutAvonmouthIdea
Create as a learning and skills hubServices otherHorfieldIdea
Staff to be more engaging with communityCommunity use and local groupsLockleazeIdea
Create much better signage and informationPromotionLockleazeIn Progress
Engaging for young peopleServices librariesLockleazeIdea
FurnishingsInterior design/layoutAvonmouthIdea
What's the future relationship between the librarian and the community?Community use and local groupsLockleazeIdea
Opportunity with new school?Services otherLockleazeIdea
Refocus and revision courses, support and adviceServices librariesLockleazeIdea
Reading lightsInterior design/layoutAvonmouthIdea
Computer courses Services librariesLockleazeIdea
BlindsInterior design/layoutAvonmouthIdea
ESOL coursesServices otherLockleazeIdea
Movable shelvesInterior design/layoutAvonmouthIdea
Public toiletToiletsLockleazeIn Progress
Wireless printing ITAvonmouthIdea
University volunteeringVolunteeringLockleazeIdea
Better printer IT support ITAvonmouthIdea
Study spaceInterior design/layoutLockleazeIdea
Photocopier ITAvonmouthIdea
Extend opening hoursOpening hoursAvonmouthIdea
Extend library hoursOpening hoursAvonmouthIdea
Reduce to 1 staff memberOtherAvonmouthIdea
Need to prepare local residents for potential changes to the centre and libraryOtherAvonmouthIdea
Working more closely with community centre Community use and local groupsAvonmouthIdea
More church involvement Community use and local groupsAvonmouthIdea
Library and community centre to operate as oneCommunity use and local groupsAvonmouthIdea
The library service needs to be clear about what is the offer Services librariesAvonmouthIdea
Provide a self service book issuing and return optionServices librariesAvonmouthIdea
Engage with children OtherAvonmouthIdea
Replace A3 and A4 copiers ITSouthmeadIdea
Promote local history Services librariesAvonmouthIdea
Digital projector for mezzanine roomITSouthmeadIdea
Large print Services librariesAvonmouthIdea
Provide public toilets ToiletsSouthmeadIdea
Benefits support Services otherAvonmouthIdea
Improve physical accessChanges to buildingsSouthmeadIdea
Provide accessible toiletsToiletsSouthmeadIdea
Out of school children support Services otherAvonmouthIdea
Youth worker based in library Services otherSouthmeadIdea
Provide services for homeless people Services otherAvonmouthIdea
Space for tutors to meetInterior design/layoutSouthmeadIdea
Accessible toiletsToiletsAvonmouthIdea
Space for advice workers to useInterior design/layoutSouthmeadIdea
Homework club run by localsCommunity use and local groupsSouthmeadIdea
Increase use of volunteers VolunteeringAvonmouthIdea
Provide more IT supportITSouthmeadIdea
Private meeting spaceCommunity use and local groupsAvonmouthIdea
Better marketing of what we doPromotionSouthmeadIdea
Access to 3D printing and laser printingITAvonmouthIdea
New carpets - refresh interiorsInterior design/layoutSouthmeadIdea
Library service reaching out to schools Services librariesSouthmeadIdea
Coffee machine a mustcafe and refreshmentsHenburyIdea
Use mezzanine spaceChanges to buildingsSouthmeadIdea
Extended opening hoursOpening hoursSouthmeadIdea
More tables and chairs for another meeting areaInterior design/layoutHenburyIn Progress
Creative spacesInterior design/layoutSouthmeadIdea
Later opening one day of the weekOpening hoursSouthmeadIdea
Transparent acoustic screeningInterior design/layoutHenburyIdea
Reconfiguration of wall within the library Changes to buildingsSouthmeadIdea
Strengthen links with youth centre next doorCommunity use and local groupsSouthmeadIn Progress
Positive activities for 9 to 15 year oldsServices librariesSouthmeadIdea
Lighten space by removing dropped ceilingChanges to buildingsHenburyIdea
Improve the current building access for diabled residentsChanges to buildingsSouthmeadIdea
Customer service pointsServices otherSouthmeadIdea
Community Resource BooksCommunity use and local groupsSt PaulsIdea
Use close days to pilot a comnunity run library Community use and local groupsSouthmeadIdea
Could a BCC advisor come for a few hoursServices otherSouthmeadIdea
Multi lingual language swapServices librariesSt PaulsIdea
Run a community library such as the one on Muller RoadCommunity use and local groupsSouthmeadIdea
Young people want a neutral space to go toCommunity use and local groupsSouthmeadIdea
Local artists revamp inside and outInterior design/layoutSt PaulsIdea
Coffee mornings tea and cakeCommunity use and local groupsSouthmeadIdea
Repair caféCommunity use and local groupsSouthmeadIdea
Community cook bookCommunity use and local groupsSt PaulsIdea
Creative writing groups Services librariesSouthmeadIdea
Promote reduce, reuse, recycleServices librariesSouthmeadIdea
Visual arts libraryServices librariesSt PaulsIdea
Homework clubServices librariesSouthmeadIdea
SingalongsCultural eventsSt PaulsIdea
Access for home schoolingCommunity use and local groupsSouthmeadIdea
Intergenerational cultural calendarCultural eventsSt PaulsIdea
Provide a drop in session for BCC services Services otherSouthmeadIdea
Community allotment projectCommunity use and local groupsSt PaulsIdea
Provide a creche facility for young parentsServices otherSouthmeadIdea
Reading groupsServices librariesSt PaulsIdea
Hot desking facility for local businesses Interior design/layoutSouthmeadIdea
Freelunch once a monthServices otherSt PaulsIdea
Book club to share book reviews and develop presentation skillsServices librariesSouthmeadIdea
Community lunches bring and shareCommunity use and local groupsSt PaulsIdea
Local historyServices librariesSt PaulsIdea
Kids films with an international flavourCultural eventsSt PaulsIn Progress
Give more to disadvantaged communintiesCommunity use and local groupsSt PaulsIdea
Seed swap libraryCommunity use and local groupsSt PaulsIdea
Local distinctivenessOtherSt PaulsIdea
Local mythology Services librariesSt PaulsIdea
Active citizens workshopsServices otherSt PaulsIdea
Open 40 plus hours a weekOpening hoursSt PaulsIdea
A place to gain information about the community Services librariesSt PaulsIdea
Better engagement with the community Community use and local groupsSt PaulsIdea
Start a friends groupFriends groupsSt PaulsIdea
Drama and performance Cultural eventsSt PaulsIdea
Homework clubServices librariesSt PaulsIdea
Council hub in library Services otherSt PaulsIdea
Evening activities in St Pauls Opening hoursSt PaulsIdea
Knitting Community use and local groupsSt PaulsIdea
Community cultural eventsCommunity use and local groupsSt PaulsIdea
Incredible edible Services otherSt PaulsIdea
Over 50 activities Services otherSt PaulsIdea
Poetry slamCultural eventsSt PaulsIdea
Board gamesServices librariesSt PaulsIdea
Food projectsCommunity use and local groupsSt PaulsIdea
EducationServices otherSt PaulsIdea
Higher education accessServices otherSt PaulsIdea
Reading groupsServices librariesSt PaulsIdea
The space needs to be made more atractiveInterior design/layoutRedlandIdea
Reading groups Community use and local groupsRedlandIdea
Social prescribingServices otherRedlandIdea
Bookable library spaceCommunity use and local groupsRedlandIdea
More computers, but need more spaceITRedlandIdea
Silent study spaceInterior design/layoutRedlandIdea
Moveable bookshelfsInterior design/layoutRedlandIdea
More advice servicesServices otherRedlandIdea
Advice on carbon neutrality Services librariesRedlandIdea
Permanent information pointServices librariesRedlandIdea
Better signposting and promotion of when things are onPromotionRedlandIdea
Simplify the process to access the building out of hoursOpening hoursRedlandIdea
Social investment to ensure library stays as a public building OtherRedlandIdea
Co-working space hot deskingInterior design/layoutRedlandIdea
Utilising the space differently Interior design/layoutRedlandIdea
Mezzanine floorChanges to buildingsRedlandIdea
Co locate with childrens centreServices otherRedlandIdea
Self sufficient library - develop flats above Changes to buildingsRedlandIdea
Rent out rooms OtherRedlandIdea
Extend to the back Changes to buildingsRedlandIdea
Huge need for groups to meetCommunity use and local groupsRedlandIdea
Join with the chruch across the road which has loads of spaceServices otherRedlandIdea
Improve the space and make more inviting Interior design/layoutRedlandIdea
Create collaborative work spacesInterior design/layoutRedlandIdea
More like a university library or arnolfini front room Interior design/layoutRedlandIdea
Art and signage on the doorInterior design/layoutRedlandIdea
Fix the leaking roofChanges to buildingsRedlandIdea
Film clubs Community use and local groupsRedlandIdea
Can we collaborate with Bristol University? Services otherRedlandIdea
Run a night school from the building Community use and local groupsRedlandIdea
Creative writing groups Community use and local groupsRedlandIdea
Phone charging lockers Services librariesRedlandIdea
Theatre groups Cultural eventsRedlandIdea
Could we remove the need for finesServices librariesRedlandIdea
IT classesITRedlandIdea
Literary speed dating Services librariesCentralIdea
Literary festivals Cultural eventsCentralIdea
Speakers' cornerCultural eventsCentralIdea
Bitesize 30 minute events at a lunchtimeCultural eventsCentralIdea
Puzzle trailsCultural eventsCentralIdea
Local and national authorsCultural eventsCentralIdea
Tie into cultural quarterCultural eventsCentralIdea
Promote historial recordsServices librariesCentralIdea
Designated quiet spacesInterior design/layoutCentralIdea
Make use of the space in the eveningOpening hoursCentralIdea
Could we meet between regular users and librarians to discuss ideasOtherCentralIdea
Access to books in Cumberland Basin Services librariesCentralIdea
Adapt library space to be more flexible Interior design/layoutCentralIdea
Teach people how reference works Services librariesCentralIdea
Volunteers to support the library - show people roundVolunteeringCentralIdea
Introduce scalable charging depending on the size of the groupCommunity use and local groupsBishopstonIdea
Extend opening hours for students Opening hoursBishopstonIdea
Consistent opening hoursOpening hoursBishopstonIdea
Solve the insurance issue to allow groups to use the libraryCommunity use and local groupsBishopstonIdea
Provide tourist information Services otherCliftonIdea
Access to kitchen cafe and refreshmentsCliftonIdea
Improve access for classesChanges to buildingsCliftonIdea
community notice boardCommunity use and local groupsCliftonIdea
Firebrigade appraisal of safety and capacity OtherCliftonIdea
Create a community centre and library Community use and local groupsCliftonIdea
Community asset transfer Community use and local groupsCliftonIdea
Evolve into successful community spacesCommunity use and local groupsCity WideIdea
Better promotion of library servicesPromotionCity WideIdea
Better locations and easier to accessOtherCity WideIdea
Develop the idea of a literature houseCultural eventsCity WideIdea
Work with libraries to make Bristol a literary destination Cultural eventsCity WideIdea
Libraries as an incubator for newer upcoming authors and poets Cultural eventsCity WideIdea
Stronger brand identity PromotionCity WideIdea
Stronger connection with culture Cultural eventsCity WideIdea
Develop natural commuity run models Community use and local groupsCity WideIdea
Develop volunteersVolunteeringCity WideIdea
Make it look more attractiveInterior design/layoutHenburyIdea
Move the library to the youth centreCommunity use and local groupsHenburyIdea
Demolish the existing buildingChanges to buildingsHenburyIdea
More connected events between groupsFriends groupsHenburyIdea
Activities for children especially during school holidaysCommunity use and local groupsHenburyIn Progress
Book reading clubServices librariesHenburyIn Progress
Set up a friends of Henbury libraryFriends groupsHenburyIdea
Generate money by renting out the spaceOtherHenburyIdea
Wifi printing ITHenburyIdea
IT training and support ITHenburyIdea
Training on how to connect the internet to a mobile phoneITHenburyIdea
Extend hours on a WednesdayOpening hoursHenburyIdea
Explore links with community centre and doctors surgeryCommunity use and local groupsHenburyIdea
Specific publicity for blind peoplePromotionHenburyIdea
Need to publicise ebooks and audio books morePromotionHenburyIn Progress
More benefits advice and food vouchersServices otherHenburyIdea
Space for support and advice workersServices otherHenburyIdea
Space to do job applications and CV on PCsITHenburyIdea
Play groups and family groupsServices otherHenburyIdea
Further education classesServices otherHenburyIn Progress
Librarians to help download audio booksServices librariesHenburyIn Progress
Stock of books need to changed more frequently Services librariesHenburyIdea
Skills sharingServices otherHenburyIdea
Better public toiletsToiletsHenburyIn Progress
Ad hoc IT volunteersVolunteeringHenburyIdea
Volunteers to offer coffeeVolunteeringHenburyIdea
Additional workzoneServices otherHenburyIdea
Space for tutorsInterior design/layoutHenburyIdea
Place a beehive on the roofOtherHenburyIdea
Coffee tea area with comfortable chairscafe and refreshmentsSea MillsIdea
Provide refreshmentscafe and refreshmentsSea MillsIdea
Move computer to a quieter spaceInterior design/layoutSea MillsIdea
Provide hatch to access refreshments from kitchen into the main spaceInterior design/layoutSea MillsIdea
Review plan of overall spaceInterior design/layoutSea MillsIdea
Move the library to the former methodist churchChanges to buildingsSea MillsIdea
Pull the library down and build a new oneChanges to buildingsSea MillsIdea
More community eventsCommunity use and local groupsSea MillsIdea
Cinema night and other evening eventsCultural eventsSea MillsIdea
Movable screen system for private spaceInterior design/layoutSea MillsIdea
Quiet meeting room for tutors Interior design/layoutSea MillsIdea
Blinds above computersInterior design/layoutSea MillsIdea
Comfy chairs tablesInterior design/layoutSea MillsIdea
FurnishingsInterior design/layoutSea MillsIdea
Reading lightsInterior design/layoutSea MillsIdea
BlindsInterior design/layoutSea MillsIdea
Movable shelvesInterior design/layoutSea MillsIdea
Provide window blindsInterior design/layoutSea MillsIdea
Moveable bookshelfsInterior design/layoutSea MillsIdea
Provide inexpensive screensInterior design/layoutSea MillsIdea
Provide additional chairsInterior design/layoutSea MillsIdea
Improve use of space to make it more adaptableInterior design/layoutSea MillsIdea
Wireless printing ITSea MillsIdea
Connection to 'libby' online library serviceITSea MillsIn Progress
Data projector and screenITSea MillsIdea
Extend opening hoursOpening hoursSea MillsIdea
Extend opening hours to include eveningsOpening hoursSea MillsIdea
Extend insurance to allow wider useOtherSea MillsIdea
Additional equipmentInterior design/layoutSea MillsIdea
Improve parking Changes to buildingsSea MillsIdea
Make space outside for mobile catering in the eveningsChanges to buildingsSea MillsIdea
Consider use of land around the building for a community gardenChanges to buildingsSea MillsIdea
Kids play areas outsideChanges to buildingsSea MillsIdea
Improve links between the library and the community centreCommunity use and local groupsSea MillsIdea
Join the community centre and library siteCommunity use and local groupsSea MillsIdea
Better promotion of service locallyPromotionSea MillsIdea
Input into school newsletters PromotionSea MillsIdea
Large print Services librariesSea MillsIn Progress
Different payment options Services librariesSea MillsIdea
Other subscription services onlineServices librariesSea MillsIdea
Skills hub with WECA funding Services otherSea MillsIdea
Maker labs linked with port resilience fund?Services otherSea MillsIdea
Sell items through the library Services librariesSea MillsIdea
Accessible toilets ToiletsSea MillsIdea
Access to toilets for public useToiletsSea MillsIdea
Increase use of volunteers VolunteeringSea MillsIdea
Move to the Methodist Church Changes to buildingsSea MillsIdea
Maintain libraries as radical community spacesCommunity use and local groupsSea MillsIdea
Provision of teas and coffeecafe and refreshmentsShirehamptonIdea
Improve entranceChanges to buildingsShirehamptonIdea
Porch in front of existing doorChanges to buildingsShirehamptonIdea
Unlock the adjoining doorInterior design/layoutShirehamptonIdea
Public lounge / living roomCommunity use and local groupsShirehamptonIn Progress
Meeting placeCommunity use and local groupsShirehamptonIdea
Gardening groupCommunity use and local groupsShirehamptonIdea
Community public living room Community use and local groupsShirehamptonIn Progress
More community eventsCommunity use and local groupsShirehamptonIn Progress
Coffeee morningCommunity use and local groupsShirehamptonIdea
JigsawServices librariesShirehamptonIn Progress
Childrens jewellery makingServices librariesShirehamptonIdea
Coding clubsServices librariesShirehamptonIdea
Homework clubServices librariesShirehamptonIdea
Childrens book clubServices librariesShirehamptonIdea
Adult books clubServices librariesShirehamptonIdea
Regular story time group on a WednesdayServices librariesShirehamptonIdea
Library open dayServices librariesShirehamptonIdea
Creative writing talks Services librariesShirehamptonIdea
Book clubs in librariesServices librariesShirehamptonIdea
More private space Interior design/layoutShirehamptonIdea
Book snugInterior design/layoutShirehamptonIdea
Puzzle tableInterior design/layoutShirehamptonIn Progress
Space to use your own laptop / tabletInterior design/layoutShirehamptonIdea
Comfy chairs tablesInterior design/layoutShirehamptonIdea
FurnishingsInterior design/layoutShirehamptonIdea
Reading lightsInterior design/layoutShirehamptonIdea
BlindsInterior design/layoutShirehamptonIdea
Movable shelvesInterior design/layoutShirehamptonIdea
Paint wallsInterior design/layoutShirehamptonIdea
Movable shelvesInterior design/layoutShirehamptonIn Progress
Improve look and feelInterior design/layoutShirehamptonIdea
How do we make it more inviting for young people Interior design/layoutShirehamptonIdea
Wireless printing ITShirehamptonIdea
More computers (or laptops)ITShirehamptonIdea
Free internet and computer courses for different levelsITShirehamptonIdea
Facilities to plug in laptopITShirehamptonIdea
Extend opening hoursOpening hoursShirehamptonIn Progress
Change / extend opening hours / open in the eveningOpening hoursShirehamptonIdea
Extend library opening hoursOpening hoursShirehamptonIdea
Basic rule for all so no group takes overOtherShirehamptonIdea
Use of other roomsInterior design/layoutShirehamptonIdea
Could be a little warmerInterior design/layoutShirehamptonIdea
Improve parking Changes to buildingsShirehamptonIdea
Raised beds in the gardenChanges to buildingsShirehamptonIdea
Covered outdoor spaceChanges to buildingsShirehamptonIdea
Work more with community centre Community use and local groupsShirehamptonIn Progress
Communicate library ideas on social media PromotionShirehamptonIn Progress
Promote to young people via youth busPromotionShirehamptonIdea
After school activity links with schools Services librariesShirehamptonIdea
More large printServices librariesShirehamptonIdea
Activities for 11 - 16 year oldsServices librariesShirehamptonIdea
Healthy eating Services librariesShirehamptonIdea
Parent and child classesServices otherShirehamptonIdea
Story time in different languagesServices librariesShirehamptonIdea
Autism friendly sessionsServices librariesShirehamptonIdea
Dementia friendly sessionsServices librariesShirehamptonIdea
Carers support group Services otherShirehamptonIdea
Café where people can read and socialisecafe and refreshmentsSouthmeadIdea
Housing officer to hold tenant surgery Services otherBishopsworthIdea
Have coffee like in the Waterstones in broadmeadcafe and refreshmentsBishopstonIdea
Games for young peopleCommunity use and local groupsShirehamptonIdea
Vending machine in librarycafe and refreshmentsHenleazeIdea
Employ qualified librariansServices librariesCity WideIdea
Progress made by Bishopston is cloned by others OtherBishopstonIdea
Homework clubsServices librariesBishopstonIdea
Community Interest Company to run the library part-funded by the councilCommunity use and local groupsCliftonIdea
Pop up craft events and shopsCultural eventsCliftonIdea
Make libraries cool again for young people - they need an updateChanges to buildingsCliftonIdea
Include a coffee shopCafe and refreshmentsCliftonIdea
FoCCal to run the libraryCommunity use and local groupsCliftonIdea
A library with access to books and digital resourcesServices librariesCentralIdea
Use capital assets to fund libraries making them more secure in the futureOtherCliftonIdea
Out of hours book returnServices librariesBishopstonIdea
Sell nearly new books - similar to chairty shopsServices librariesSt GeorgeIdea
Bristol libraries in bloom - like britain in bloomCultural eventsCity WideIdea
Convert into a multi functional youth centreCommunity use and local groupsSt GeorgeIdea
Use libraries as a hub for english classesServices librariesCity WideIdea
Help with completion of benefit forms Services otherCity WideIdea
Communicate with medical centre nearby so people can wait in the libraryServices otherRedlandIdea
Provide space for local artists and craft workersCultural eventsHenleazeIdea
Community and citizens advice roleOtherCliftonIdea
Provide a public toiletToiletsRedlandIdea
Increase opening hours Opening hoursSt GeorgeIdea
Social get togethers and coffee morningsCommunity use and local groupsWhitchurchIn Progress
Portal for local crafts, foods & volunteer organisations.Community use and local groupsFishpondsIdea
Extend the opening hours so that the building is accessible.Opening hoursWick RoadIdea
Open on a SundayOpening hoursSt GeorgeIdea
Speed dating style night to talk about your favourite bookServices librariesBishopstonIdea
Keep open and promote the servicePromotionRedlandIdea
Extended access on a SundayOpening hoursSt GeorgeIdea
Provide creative workshop spaceInterior design/layoutWick RoadIdea
Provide a space for combatting isolationServices otherShirehamptonIn Progress
Knock down the existing building and use the land for housing, retaining library on ground floorChanges to buildingsMarksbury RoadIdea
A repair cafe and swap shopCommunity use and local groupsJunction 3Idea
Create street art on shutters of buildingChanges to buildingsSouthmeadIdea
Zine workshop using political pamphletsCommunity use and local groupsCentralIdea
Cover the library in a glittery covering to let people know it's thereChanges to buildingsHorfieldIdea
Accessible toilet ToiletsShirehamptonIdea
Keep building and same hours with paid/trained staff.Opening hoursBishopsworthIdea
Sell the building and build a new library in the parkChanges to buildingsWestburyIdea
Specific time for autistic and special needs Services librariesWick RoadIdea
Move to a more accessible locationChanges to buildingsLockleazeIdea
Extend the building using the land next to itChanges to buildingsWestburyIdea
Provide a book drop off pointServices librariesJunction 3Idea
Use as a hire venue on days it is closedOtherMarksbury RoadIdea
Reduce number of libraries and co locate with community hubsOtherCity WideIdea
Keep libraries open and develop as community spacesCommunity use and local groupsHenleazeIdea
Provide a play caféServices otherSt GeorgeIn Progress
Coffee morning, knit and natter group.Community use and local groupsWick RoadIdea
The Library Service should publish a set of aims / service levels / objectives OtherSt GeorgeIdea
Copy ideas from the new reading room at the ArnolfiniOtherCity WideIdea
Daily jigsaw puzzle tableServices librariesCentralIdea
Second hand book salesServices librariesCentralIdea
Maintain current model of local library provisionServices librariesCentralIdea
Provide toiletsToiletsHenleazeIdea
Improve facilities to allow the buildings to be used by the communityCommunity use and local groupsHenleazeIdea
Combine library with coffee shop and/or art spaceChanges to buildingsWestburyIdea
To rename the library MALAGO VALE COMMUNITY LIBRARY.PromotionMarksbury RoadIdea
Increase opening hours Opening hoursFishpondsIdea
Use libraries as hubs for consultationsServices otherBedminsterIdea
Include plans for a destination library using CIL moneyOtherBedminsterIdea
Provide mandarin speaking servicesServices librariesCity WideIdea
Increase use of volunteers VolunteeringShirehamptonIdea
Provide activities to encourage young readers Services librariesJunction 3Idea
Great access to inter-library loans for researchServices librariesCentralIdea
Create a professional standard community cook bookCommunity use and local groupsSt PaulsIdea
Utilise as a hub for the community and provide sessions that explain what’s available Community use and local groupsHenleazeIdea
Change the Saturday opening hours to 9-3pm. Opening hoursHartcliffeIdea
Better signagePromotionLockleazeIn Progress
Please can we replace all the furniture in Horfield libraryInterior design/layoutHorfieldIdea
Redesign of downstairs to offer seated areaInterior design/layoutHenleazeIdea
Community led fund raising for furnitureInterior design/layoutHenleazeIdea
Swipe card access to inner lobby for accessing returning/renewal computer with deposit boxServices librariesHenleazeIdea
Implementation of suggestions board with suggestions/actions/outcomes (request sponsorship from local retailers)OtherHenleazeIdea
Promote libraries westPromotionWick RoadIdea
Provide toiletsToiletsWick RoadIdea
Provide a bike rackOtherWick RoadIdea
Follow the Wick Road exampleOtherWick RoadIdea
Continue with the good meetings, groups, internet services etc Community use and local groupsWick RoadIdea
Reduce opening hours.Opening hoursBishopsworthIdea
Introduce extended accessOpening hoursBishopsworthIn Progress
If library closes substitute mobile libraryOtherBishopsworthIdea
If library building closes share premises but keep paid/trained staff. Opening hoursBishopsworthIdea
Contract out service using a mutual/franchise model to gain charitable fundsOtherBishopsworthIdea
Some form of on-line click/collect reservation service using shared premises Services otherBishopsworthIdea
Hot drinks dispenser Cafe and refreshmentsHenleazeIdea
Build into a community hubCommunity use and local groupsHenleazeIdea
Change the layout and stock. Services librariesHartcliffeIdea
Open the shutter on closed days and let the reception staff supervise the library.Community use and local groupsHartcliffeIdea
More PCs (busy when Central Library closed)ITBishopstonIn Progress
Staff to use tablets (busy when Central Library closed)ITBishopstonIdea
Dry entertainment club (board game evenings for people who don't want to go to the pub)Community use and local groupsBishopstonIdea
Open full timeOpening HoursCity WideIdea
Develop 'friends of' groupsVolunteeringCity WideIdea
Better signage to promote upstairs spacePromotionCliftonIdea
Create clearer outside spacecommunity use and local groupCentralIn Progress
Better signage to the library. Why is the sign to the old library still on Fishponds Rd? Put a sign up at Morrisons. Have ‘and Fishponds Library’ added to building signage Plant up grassed area at side and put planters around perimeter to make building more attractive.CommunityFishpondsIn Progress
Create clearer outside spaceBuildingLockleazeIn Progress
Upfest –Mural outside of the building.BuildingMarksbury RoadIn Progress
Multi coloured fence like Parson St school – makes it more appealing
Painting Railings different colours
BuildingMarksbury RoadIn Progress
Put up a notice board at the rear of the building facing the park f.a.o. walkers and passers by- more footfall BuildingSt GeorgeIn Progress
Outdoor space – improvement – its dull park land – make more attractive and draw attention to libraryBuildingSt GeorgeIn Progress
Run more events that are not book-focusedServiceStockwoodIn Progress
shows what's on per library with Twitter feed etc. that staff can update easilyCommunicationWestburyIn Progress
Junior creative writing/redrafters/book clubCommunicationBishopstonIn Progress
Pegasus seriesBishopstonIn Progress
Develop outside garden Benches out the back and unlock gatesBuildingBishopsworthIn Progress
Mural and signage

Community BishopsworthIn Progress
More study spacesServiceBedminsterIdea
Book ClubServiceBedminsterIdea
Writers groupServiceBedminsterIdea
Toy box for childrenServiceBedminsterIdea
Volunteer readers for people with visual impairmentsServiceBedminsterIdea
Bounce and Rhyme on weekendsServiceBedminsterIdea
Puzzles for childrenServiceBedminsterIdea
Lego ClubServiceBedminsterIn Progress
Some of the PCs could be for all day use. Longer times on the internet.ServiceSt PaulsIdea
More stock that aligns with the activities and facilities at the Learning CentreServiceSt PaulsIdea
Poetry reading and writing groupServiceCliftonIdea
Community charity fund to top up the funding for the library or towards specific projects e.g new books or pcsCommunity use and local groupsCliftonIdea
Better use/ more advertising of Community RoomCommunity use and local groupsCliftonIdea
Programmes during the summer for kids-keep storytime going maybeServiceCliftonIdea
More professional books as nurseServiceBishopstonIdea
Out of hours book dropServiceBishopstonIdea
Backgammon club/groupServiceCliftonIdea
Printer upgrade-colour or wi-fi enabledServiceBishopstonIdea
Lego? Rather noisy for a libraryServiceBishopstonIdea
Have all the books in a series eg Robin Hobbs. Its so frustrating when you only have books 1 and 3.ServiceBishopstonIdea
Intergenerational skills swapServices librariesJunction 3Idea
Poor temperature Services librariesJunction 3Idea
control. Either stifling and soporific or too cold.Services librariesJunction 3Idea
Community joint-venture for management of service in branch.ServiceCliftonIdea
Improved signage-no-one knows the library is there.ServiceCliftonIdea
Remove front wall to allow extension of front area as a more accessible spaceServiceCliftonIdea
Facilities to enable film screeningsServiceCliftonIdea
Are the libraries on the management committee of board walk?Service KnowleIdea
provide other council & partner services through the library branch advice and customer servicesServices otherKnowleIdea
Intergenerational skills swapServices librariesJunction 3Idea
Poor temperature control. Either stifling and soporific or too cold.Services librariesJunction 3Idea
Sheffield stands (or similar) for bicyclesServiceFishpondsIdea
Additional looServiceFishpondsIdea
A notice about opening hours outside the buildingServiceFishpondsIdea
Encourage people to bring their used books. Save the environment!ServiceFishpondsIdea
Additional scannerServiceFishpondsIdea
More seating away from computersServiceFishpondsIdea
Allow in well-behaved dogs-its not safe to leave dogs outside these days (dog theft)ServiceFishpondsIdea
More space for children doing homework after school.ServiceFishpondsIdea
Drop £1.90 charge for audio booksServiceFishpondsIdea
Everyday put different activities on little table like colouring.ServiceFishpondsIdea
Do more challenges like finding aliensServiceFishpondsIdea
Lego clubServiceFishpondsIdea
Add more monsterous, scarey booksServiceFishpondsIdea
More author eventsServiceFishpondsIdea
More computers and additional childrens computersServiceFishpondsIdea
More available electrical socketsServiceFishpondsIdea
More librarians and more space for themServiceFishpondsIdea
Another kioskServiceFishpondsIdea
More tables and not too comfy chairsServiceFishpondsIdea
Wongs and Wells Detective Society series.ServiceBishopstonIn Progress
Community joint-venture for management of service in branch.Community use and local groupsCliftonIdea
Improved signage-no-one knows the library is there.ServiceCliftonIdea
Remove front wall to allow extension of front area as a more accessible spaceServiceCliftonIdea
Facilities to enable film screeningsServiceCliftonIdea
Paint the railingscommunity use and local groupCentralIdea
Better , more reliable wi-fiServiceCentralIdea
More computers, more time on computers, cheaper copying and printingServiceCentralIdea
Spend more money on ref booksServiceCentralIdea
Hand rail needed for top flights of stairsServiceCentralIdea
Prayer roomServiceCentralIdea
More silent in the quiet roomServiceCentralIdea
Please could there be a sign on disabled toilet for disabled and mothers and babies only. So many able bodied people use this. Not all disabilities are visibleServiceCentralIdea
Revision guides for GCSE and A level studentsServiceCentralIdea
Micro-wave in self-service. Adapters in self-serviceServiceCentralIdea
Return help with writing letter with British Literacy society again.ServiceCentralIdea
People who use mobile phones should be asked to leave the quiet study areaServiceCentralIdea
Speed up the start of google chrome and explorerServiceCentralIdea
Wooden puzzles to be borrowed from Childrens area.ServiceCentralIdea
Overview of stages of lit. evolutions-not just English but globalServiceCentralIdea
More booker and other prize winners please- Costa, orange, pulitizer, national book awardServiceCentralIdea
More computersServiceCentralIdea
Recycling box for pens and other writing toolsServiceCentralIdea
More clusters of books of similar genres ServiceCentralIdea
Skype kiosk box, with door soundproof, bookableServiceCentralIdea
Tap for refilling water bottles pleaseServiceCentralIdea
More plug sockets pleaseServiceCentralIdea
Consistent paper quality in printersServiceCentralIdea
A greater selection of books for 5-7 year old ServiceCentralIdea
Meet the writer eventsServicesSouthmeadIdea
David Walliams to come here!ServicesSouthmeadIdea
More colouring pensServicesSouthmeadIdea
More board games (this was mentioned twice)ServicesSouthmeadIdea
More toysServicesSouthmeadIdea
Cheerleading is good for funServicesSouthmeadIdea
Robot makingServicesSouthmeadIdea
More clocksServicesSouthmeadIdea
Happier staffServicesSouthmeadIdea
Better staffServicesSouthmeadIdea
Jigsaw tableServicesSouthmeadIdea
More computersServicesSouthmeadIdea
More music & poetry BooksServicesSouthmeadIdea
Early opening timesServicesSouthmeadIdea
Art classes for 1hr or 2hrs. Art & craftsServices otherHenburyIdea
Art classes where children can interact with older peopleServices otherHenburyIdea
An event/regular thing where children read to older people/people who struggle to readServices otherHenburyIdea
Volunteers helping children to read e.g. once a week after schoolServices otherHenburyIdea
Leg club / board games clubServices otherHenburyIdea
Lego club and puzzlesServices otherHenburyIdea
Have a post office facility (even if only basic)Services otherHenburyIdea
Parcel collection/sending serviceServices otherHenburyIdea
Magazines that you can take home… we love reading the Beano here!Services otherHenburyIdea
More classic booksServices otherHenburyIdea
More young adult booksServices otherHenburyIdea
More new books for kidsServices otherHenburyIdea
Bin for toilet please. Rubbish bin.Services otherHenburyIdea
Book clubs for home education children Services otherHenburyIdea
More colouring pens/pencilsServices otherHenburyIdea
More activities for childrenServices otherHenburyIdea
More events like the Harry Potter book nightsServices otherHenburyIdea
Weekend activitiesServices otherHenburyIdea
More advertising activities Services otherHenburyIdea
Quiet place to read Services otherHenburyIdea
Quiet place for kids to read Services otherHenburyIdea
Issue ear defenders to computer usersServices otherHenburyIdea
Space to hold craft workshopsServices otherHenburyIdea
Build a glass wall separating off the PC area because there are a lot of noise complaints from PC users Services otherHenburyIdea
Community noticeboard (e.g. trades, items wanted or for sale)Services otherHenburyIdea
Move childrens area to other end of library Services otherHenburyIdea
Xmas dinnerServices otherHenburyIdea
More space(s) for differing purposes Services otherHenburyIdea
More staff Services otherHenburyIdea
Put all the books in colour orderServices otherHenburyIdea
More leaflets for entertainmentServices otherHenburyIdea
Book donation pointServiceHenleazeIdea
Books in a series child/teen fictionServiceHenleazeIdea
More older kids books (this was written twice: once with 9+ and once with 12+)ServiceHenleazeIdea
Presentations/talks similar to those at Redland LibraryServiceHenleazeIn Progress
See Friends events hereServiceHenleazeIdea
Magazine swap box (this was mentioned twice)ServiceHenleazeIdea
Use of public toiletsServiceHenleazeIdea
More recently published books about the economy e.g. "Money & Govornment" by Robert SkidelskyServiceHenleazeIdea
Better air conditioning/fans in hot weatherServiceHenleazeIdea
Please can you recycle the used books to community centres, book clubs, youth clubs etcServiceHenleazeIdea
Community/volunteer led baby/toddler groups more often. We go to bounce & rhyme & Storytime but would happily go to moreServiceHenleazeIdea
Sunday OpeningServiceHenleazeIdea
Adult book club. Weekly reading togetherServiceHenleazeIdea
Free non-alcoholic drinks & biscuitsServiceHenleazeIdea
More children's books now!!!ServiceHenleazeIdea
Dandy annualsServiceHenleazeIdea
Where has the section on humour gone to?ServiceHenleazeIdea
Studio pod at the side. Rent to fund serviceServiceHenleazeIdea
Dig up tarmac in the front lay to grass + plants seating outsideServiceHenleazeIdea
Encourage library users to 'review' books!ServiceHenleazeIdea
Event space - host book clubs and author readingsServiceHenleazeIdea
More notice board space for community event notices. Differentiate between long term & short term posters or prioritise short termServiceHenleazeIdea
Puzzles to rent. 1000+ piecesServiceHenleazeIdea
Book group/club (this was mentioned 3 times)ServiceHenleazeIdea
Toilet (this was mentioned ten times)ServiceHenleazeIdea
Creative writingServiceHenleazeIn Progress
Poetry readingsServiceHenleazeIdea
Ongoing lego buildingServiceHenleazeIdea
Sitting out area in front - a bit of a garden!ServiceHenleazeIdea
A section where we can find books that teach us about languagesServiceHenleazeIdea
Board games shelfServiceHenleazeIdea
No vending machines. No food or drink wanted.ServiceHenleazeIdea
Eextend into space in front and to the sides. Build up. Maybe a pre-school or accommodationServiceHenleazeIdea
Maybe you could get unicorn bookServiceHenleazeIdea
Make children's books in other languages much easier to find. There are many international families living in this areaServiceHenleazeIdea
List of book recommendations by the publicServiceHenleazeIdea
More evening/weekend accessServiceHenleazeIdea
toys for toddlersServiceHenleazeIdea
Children's games to borrow., It works well in German libraries!ServiceHenleazeIdea
Place for babies' pramsServiceHenleazeIdea
A bag stock for publicServiceHenleazeIdea
Local meetings for Westbury and Henleaze areasServiceHenleazeIdea
Story CDs for young childrenServiceHenleazeIdea
Baby play areaServiceHenleazeIdea
Working jigsaw tableServiceHenleazeIdea
Bigger children's sectionServiceHenleazeIdea
Have a bank/post office counter. This is provided in vans, so can surely be accommodatedServiceHenleazeIdea
The ceiling fans are useless - wasting electricity in a time of environmental awarenessServiceHenleazeIdea
Help readers read other books from this amazing library!ServiceHenleazeIdea
Local displays - art etc.ServiceHenleazeIdea
Time & space for communities of interest e.g. local history, poetry evenings, discover scienceServiceHenleazeIdea
Café (this was mentioned twice)ServiceHenleazeIdea
Solar panelsServiceHenleazeIdea
Basic computer courses are a good idea as well as individual helpServiceHenleazeIdea
Encouarge us to donate booksServiceHenleazeIdea
Keep book reservations free!ServiceHenleazeIdea
Reservation shelf at standing/seating (not crawling) levelServiceHenleazeIdea
Autism friendly time(no aircon - loud noise, no flourescent lights, etc.)ServiceHenleazeIdea
More desks/study spaces - especially around exam time as it can be really difficult to find tables at any library (I've been to three in one day and they've all been full) and home often isn't a good place to studyServiceHenleazeIdea
Open in the early morningServiceHenleazeIdea
A chance to buy a cup of tea or coffee - heaven! (someone had responded on another post-it: No! No food & drink in the library)ServiceHenleazeIdea
A collection of comics for kids on a shelf (my son would love this!)ServiceHenleazeIdea
Provide fresh air - open the door & windows. Summer or winter it's always hot & airless in here - not a place to enjoyServiceHenleazeIdea
Maximise the site - build flats above to the back - use the rent to fund the library serviceServiceHenleazeIdea
be able to donate booksServiceHenleazeIdea
Review booksServiceHenleazeIdea
Jigsaw swap shopServiceHenleazeIdea
Kiosks that scan the barcode on the appServiceHenleazeIdea
New kiosks that take contactlessServiceHenleazeIdea
Outside boxes in all branches pleaseServiceHenleazeIdea
New photocopier! The current one is unusable for official docsServiceHenleazeIdea
Some tea/coffee/biscuitsServiceHenleazeIdea
Make it dog friendly for blind people to bring their doggie helpers to the libraryServiceHenleazeIdea
Coffee & chat. Cake once a weekServiceHenleazeIdea
The ceiling fans don't need to be on except in a heatwave. They can cause a cold draft and are not necessaryServiceHenleazeIdea
Computer courses & helpServiceHenleazeIdea
Kids' magazines!ServiceHenleazeIdea
Show me how to download magazine app on my i-pad ServiceHenleazeIn Progress
A fiction and non-fiction reading group will be good - say once a monthServiceHenleazeIdea
A more inviting space for children to read - e.g. beanbags, artwork relating to books…ServiceHenleazeIdea
A lego place for ME!ServiceHenleazeIdea
More sockets for laptops & phonesServiceStockwoodIdea
Toilet next to building linked to caféServiceStockwoodIdea
Encourage new residents (who sign up here) to come to NEWBIES monthly (see noticeboard)ServiceStockwoodIdea
Scrap & pencils available during extended accessServiceStockwoodIdea
Roof cover too hot in summer can't open windowsServiceStockwoodIdea
Extended computer hours (+2) now many are using own tablets and wifiServiceStockwoodIdea
Emergency toilet requests to librariansServiceStockwoodIdea
Access to toilets for people using the libraryServiceStockwoodIdea
Form a friends GroupServiceStockwoodIn Progress
Board games clubServiceStockwoodIn Progress
Coffee MorningServiceStockwoodIn Progress
Chrome on computers, not windowsServiceStockwoodIdea
Exhibitions of local artists’ workServiceAvonmouthIdea
Newer books / more stock rotation esp crimeServiceAvonmouthIdea
Hiring DVDsServiceAvonmouthIdea
More art & craft stuffServiceSea MillsIdea
More David Walliams booksServiceSea MillsIdea
Upgrade the children's areaServiceSea MillsIdea
Extend the libraryServiceSea MillsIdea
More board gamesServiceSea MillsIdea
Bike RacksServiceSea MillsIdea
More up-to-date scince books for KS3 and astronomy fansServiceSea MillsIdea
A jigsaw tableServiceSea MillsIdea
Harry Potter booksServiceSea MillsIdea
Joyce Meyer booksServiceSea MillsIdea
Accessible toilets ServiceSea MillsIdea
Art exhibitions & workshopsServiceSea MillsIdea
More event nights & author meetsServiceSea MillsIn Progress
Latest releases of DVDs ServiceSea MillsIdea
Dog Man booksServiceSea MillsIdea
More Mallory Towers booksServiceSea MillsIdea
Redevelop the building to include library, co-working spaces, wi-fi printing,toilets and possible cafe BuildingSt GeorgeIdea
More kids activity. Maybe for older children like comic book/graphic novel workshop?Service otherSt GeorgeIdea
book group/s.Service otherSt GeorgeIdea
book talksService otherSt GeorgeIdea
yoga (venue hire)Service otherSt GeorgeIdea
coding clubs for young people/children run outside library timesService otherSt GeorgeIdea
provide cleaning wipes so we can self-clean computer keyboardsService otherSt GeorgeIdea
play caféService otherSt GeorgeIdea
publicise the Libraries West App and reservation service moreService otherSt GeorgeIdea
Dedicated study/quiet area . Comfy chairs for reading area. Dedicated reading area.Service otherSt GeorgeIdea
Skype for search(?)Service otherSt GeorgeIdea
clear signage asking people to take their phone calls and loud conversations outsideService otherSt GeorgeIdea
spaces for loud childrens activities separated from quiter areas.Service otherSt GeorgeIdea
Info stall/activities about Climate change and how local people can save energy and reduce fuel povertyService otherHillfieldsIdea
More signposts-sign posts on forest rd. Didn't know library here existed.Service otherHillfieldsIdea
charity box for unwanted change from printingService otherHillfieldsIdea
Arts and crafts activitiesService otherHillfieldsIdea
Remove false ceiling to reveal architectureBuildingRedlandIdea
Community film clubCommunityRedlandIdea
Get rid of awful strip lighting and create more intimate spacesServiceRedlandIdea
Book café and teach street people to readServiceRedlandIdea
left handed computer neededServiceRedlandIdea
More computers in childrens areaServiceRedlandIdea
Cleaner toiletsServiceRedlandIdea
Bigger childrens areaServiceRedlandIdea
Small coffee area would bring in money and can have bake a cake competitionsServiceRedlandIdea
Second scannerServiceRedlandIdea
open earlier and not closed on MondayServiceRedlandIdea
Team with coffee van and allow tea/coffee in building only if from vanServiceRedlandIdea
themed weeks promoting different genresServiceRedlandIdea
scrabble playersServiceRedlandIdea
wide range of books/dvds from African/American culture internationalServiceRedlandIdea
some drinks pleaseServiceCliftonIdea
toilet should be available for ALL library users, its only right and properServiceCliftonIdea
renovate basement, good space for films, youth group, music etcServiceCliftonIdea
Repair Café where people can learn to repair broken equipmentServiceCliftonIdea
automate access and processes as at Westbury libraryServiceCliftonIdea
Better use of Foyer spaceServiceBedminsterIdea
Borrow puzzles & games for kidsServiceBedminsterIdea
Reading books - stories out loudServiceBedminsterIdea
Portry (reading/writing)ServiceBedminsterIdea
Free Netflix for allServiceBedminsterIdea
More plug holes for childrenServiceBedminsterIdea
Sort out Public Liability Insurance so library can be open and hired when not staffedService otherMarksbury RoadIdea
Paint the railings multi-coloured to make more invitingService otherMarksbury RoadIdea
Coding ClubService otherMarksbury RoadIdea
Play area for kids 8-16ServiceFilwoodIdea
Play area for babies upstairsServiceFilwoodIdea
get coke machine for OllyServiceFilwoodIdea
Weekly job club - access to computersServiceFilwoodIdea
Get more local schools to have regular visitsServiceFilwoodIdea
Offer work experience to local kidsServiceFilwoodIdea
More pc's for adults, wi-fi printingServiceFilwoodIdea
get more local schools to do regular visits.ServiceFilwoodIdea
Knock it downServiceFilwoodIdea
More early reader booksService otherHillfieldsIdea
Arts and crafts for adultsService otherHillfieldsIdea
Another table in the children’s areaService otherHillfieldsIdea
More things like Summer Reading Challenge for all agesService otherHillfieldsIdea
More frequent rotation of adult stockService otherHillfieldsIdea
better promotion of on-line resources on P.N. and appsService otherHillfieldsIdea
More new fictionServicesIdea
Music appreciation clubServicesIdea
Film studies groupServicesIdea
Drop box for returnsServicesIdea
Card machineServicesIdea
Colour printer - printing services?ServicesIdea
Order books then deliver to houseServicesIdea
Better DVDsServicesIdea
More challenges (as in seasonal reading challenges)ServicesIdea
Books in Polish, for adults and older childrenServicesIdea
Friends to open library outside of hoursCommunity BishopsworthIn Progress
Can we access toilets during out-of-hours events put on by the Friends?ServiceBishopsworthIn Progress
Can Friends serve food & drinks at events?ServiceBishopsworthIn Progress
Book ClubServiceBishopsworthIn Progress
Board game eveningsServiceBishopsworthIn Progress
Clothe swapsServiceBishopsworthIn Progress
Fancy dress hireServiceBishopsworthIn Progress
Monthly Saturday activityServices HartcliffeIn Progress
Phone for public to contact BCC directlyServices HartcliffeIn Progress
More Tea & Chat (this was mentioned twice)Services HartcliffeIn Progress
More kids clubs/workshopsServices otherHenburyIn Progress
Carpet booked to be cleaned HCServices otherHenburyIn Progress
Have the library as part of new housing: more guarunteed footfallServicesLockleazeIdea
Post more about it on Social MediaServicesLockleazeIdea
Link with Bristol Mental Health Employment ServiceServicesLockleazeIdea
Flowers & benches outsideServicesLockleazeIdea
Comfy seats to encourage reading at the libraryServicesLockleazeIdea
Book exchange; bring back selling of withdrawn booksServicesLockleazeIdea
More stockServicesLockleazeIdea
Advertise on Love Lockleaze Facebook Group and at The Hub and Cheswick and Boston Tea PartyServicesLockleazeIdea
Work with Boing on children's activitiesServicesLockleazeIdea
Have coffee mornings/afternoonsServicesLockleazeIdea
Making people aware that they can return books here from Central, South Glos etcServicesLockleazeIdea
Work with Incredible Edible, Avon Wildlife Trust (youth volunteering), Brandon Trust & Bristol Wood Recycling Project to make garden nice & [ut benches out thereServicesLockleazeIdea
Have more leaflets etc. on Stoke ParkServicesLockleazeIdea
Take inspiration from the Greenway Centre's Nature Trail & Social MediaServicesLockleazeIdea
Collaborate with the mental health project run by St Mungo's at the Langley CentreServicesLockleazeIdea
Try again with Stoytime - get parents to run it, e.g. 5 of them to take it turns like they used to do at Horfield LibraryServicesLockleazeIdea
Baby group, story timeServiceSea MillsIn Progress
Music appreciation clubServicesShirehamptonIn Progress
Working more with southern links ServiceStockwoodIn Progress
Extend “extended access” to Sundays as this is a crucial homework day ServiceStockwoodDone
Play readingServiceStockwoodIn Progress
Calligraphy classesCommunity use and local groupsWhitchurchIn Progress
An answer phone that gives details of opening times etcCommunicationWestburyIn Progress
Self-serve kiosks to take cards/paypalServicesWestburyIn Progress
Allow library to be usable to groups – bookable spaceServicesWestburyIn Progress
Community Space to hireServicesWestburyIn Progress
Blinds for the windowsServicesWestburyIn Progress
Have publicity & activities to get Polish children involvedServiceAvonmouthIdea
More book giveawaysServiceAvonmouthIdea
Integrate printing with the community centreServiceAvonmouthIdea
Change Saturday opening from afternoon to morning - e.g. 10am-2pmServiceAvonmouthIdea
Get schools more involved - do projects with them / get themhre to do projects / more acitivites for children / get the schools to enrol all their children to the library & talk to home schoolers (who meet in the community centre) & mums & toddlers groupsServiceAvonmouthIdea
More craft booksServiceAvonmouthIdea
More ball games & board gamesServiceAvonmouthIdea
Longer opening hoursServiceAvonmouthIdea
More PCsServiceAvonmouthIdea
Please open Lawrence Weston againServiceAvonmouthIdea
Decorate walls e.g. with characters from booksServiceAvonmouthIdea
Publicise apps - more volunteers to help with digital servicesServiceAvonmouthIdea
Photo exhibitionServiceAvonmouthIdea
Have a bigger table for - children's activities, jigsaws etcServiceAvonmouthIdea
Jigsaw lendingServiceAvonmouthIdea
Promote services locallyServiceHorfieldIdea
Café/coffee machineServiceHorfieldIdea
Swap computers and kids area around.ServiceHorfieldIdea
Paint all the libraries, they are scruffyServiceHorfieldIdea
Public toiletsServiceHorfieldIdea
Quieter spacesServiceHorfieldIdea
Superb selection of books, e.g providing many books - especially for the youth & young people, who are maybe deprived of opporunity, e.g. some in Lockleaze, Southmead, Henbury + Brentry, St Paul's Bedminster etc etcServiceHorfieldIdea
Relaxing, e.g. chess game, sports reading etc. To facilitate study notably for kids from ordinary backgroundsServiceHorfieldIdea
Wind breaks to cut down noise from gales!ServiceHorfieldIdea
Recycling bins for drinks cans etcServiceHorfieldIdea
Publicise at, and make links with, The Crafty Cow, family pub on Wessex AvenueServiceHorfieldIdea
Publicise more - at the dentist, GP etc.ServiceHorfieldIdea
New computer keyboards (that arent sticky) and scroons (wider)ServiceHorfieldIdea
Move to recently vacated co-op building over the roadServiceHorfieldIdea
Link with Filton libraryServiceHorfieldIdea
Make reservations come quickerServiceHorfieldIdea
Extended AccessServiceHorfieldIdea
Cheaper Big Picture DVDsServiceHorfieldIdea
Baby changing facilities in the toiletServiceHorfieldIdea
More regular stock rotation (Adult Fiction)ServiceHorfieldIdea
More stock - there are empy shelves!ServiceHorfieldIdea
Make it clearer how to request books that aren't on the catalogueServiceHorfieldIdea
Link with the Hub, LockleazeServiceHorfieldIdea
Close Lockleaze Library and invest the money in Horfield LibraryServiceHorfieldIdea
Change kiosk system so that you can take out DVDs and pay later, up to £10ServiceHorfieldIdea
Get people to not talk on phones in library - more quietServiceHorfieldIdea
Lego Club - on different Saturday to Bishopston library, so it doesn't clashServiceHorfieldIdea
More art/craft sessions for kids at weekends. Ask for donations to cover materials & refreshmentsServiceHorfieldIdea
Activities to tie in with e.g. HalloweenServiceHorfieldIdea
Board games (snakes & ladders etc., fo ages 6-9) Have a Saturday/after-school games hour & so when they're finished colouring have something else to do. Get sponsorship from a games shopServiceHorfieldIdea
Link with local schools - more regular visits and more schools. Filton Avenue (orchard site) and Lockleaze Road site and Upper HorfieldServiceHorfieldIdea
Link stock with school librariesServiceHorfieldIdea
Comics Club for ages 5/6 to 8/9ServiceHorfieldIdea
Get nurseries and playgroups in e.g. to Baby Bounce & RhymeServiceHorfieldIdea